Northwest Tennessee SHIP

Free, Non-Biased Medicare Counseling, Information, and Assistance 

Getting Ready To Retire?


There are many decisions to make when you retire, especially if you are over the age of 65. 

This can bring up a lot of questions:


“When should I enroll in Medicare?”

“Should I choose a Medicare Advantage Plan or a

Medicare Supplement Policy?”

“How long can I wait to enroll in a

Medicare Advantage or Medicare

Part D plan?”

“Which plan is the right one for me?”


TN SHIP can help you make smart decisions related to your Medicare plan choices.   We offer free

non-biased Medicare options counseling that can help you make these tough decisions and save

you money in the process. 


Call us at 1-877-801-0044.


Interested in Volunteer Opportunities After Retirement?

The TN SHIP uses volunteers to reach people with Medicare.  We offer a Certified SHIP Volunteer

training program that will equip you in becoming a local community Medicare expert for those needing

help.  Our volunteers help in a variety of different ways, anything from counseling beneficiaries, giving

public presentations, providing administrative support, whichever suits them best.   If you are interested

in volunteering please contact our office at 124 Weldon Drive, Martin, TN. Phone 731.588.1434.